Opinion — 12 March 2010

THUMBS DOWN to those proposing a fee be charged to ride the King Street Trolley that runs between the King Street Metro and the waterfront. Yes, we have a budget deficit, but a thriving business community means prosperity for all. The free trolley is important both as a boost to Old Town businesses and to our brand image in Alexandria. Lets keep the free ride!

Denise Dunbar  


THUMBS DOWN to Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for directing state colleges and universities to reverse discrimination policies on the basis of sexual orientation. Cuccinellis extreme brand of social conservatism will undercut Gov. Bob McDonnells position as the forward-looking leader he campaigned as and help recast the state GOP as a party of the past. 

Matt Danielson


THUMBS UP to friends of the Winkler Preserve for taking proactive steps to save their urban oasis. By rallying on Thursday night, March 11, supporters hope their sheer numbers will convince the Virginia Department of Transportation to develop an alternative to the plan that would destroy Winkler as we know it.  Its definitely time to stand up for what is important to us as a community.

Denise Dunbar

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