Opinion — 18 March 2010

THUMBS UP to Virginia’s General Assembly and Governor Bob McDonnell for agreeing to a two-year $82 billion budget that was the product of compromise between the Republican-controlled House of Delegates and Democrat-controlled State Senate. The budget cuts deeply in some areas, particularly education, health care and public safety, and contains fee but not income tax increases.  While virtually no one came away completely happy (the essence of compromise), the process was mostly civil and in the end, productive.

Denise Dunbar 

THUMBS DOWN to Congressional Democrats, who could learn a thing or five from their counterparts in Virginia’s state legislature. Their attempt to ram through, by any sleight of hand possible, a hugely unpopular and massively expensive health care “reform” bill is nothing short of scandalous. They will pay dearly at the polls in November for their chicanery, but America will be paying for decades.

Denise Dunbar 

THUMBS DOWN to Congressional Republicans for misrepresenting public opinion about the Democrat’s health reform plan. Senate and House Republicans could learn something from the Virginia state legislature.  Governance is about compromise and civil disagreement, not the demonization of your political opponents or their ideas.  If the Republicans in Congress cared more about crafting wise public policy and less about the next election cycle then we could have more productive and rational governance.  Fortunately, elections do have consequences.  See you at the polls in November.

Matt Danielson

THUMBS to T.C. Williams boys basketball coach Julian King for addressing the Alexandria Sportsman’s Club Tuesday night. In the midst of an investigation involving ineligible players, King spent considerable time answering difficult questions and is to be commended for his handling of the situation with dignity and class.

Matt Danielson

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