Opinion — 12 August 2010

Thumbs up to DASH and the Community Partners for Children for their school supply drive. This is a feel good program for all — the sponsors, the under-privileged children who will receive the school supplies donated by DASH customers, and the bus passengers who not only get a free ride for their donation but also the satisfaction of helping people in need.

Patrice Culligan

Thumbs down that Austin Danforth is moving back to Vermont.  He will be greatly missed by all of us here at Alexandria Times.  We wish him all the best and look forward to following him in his future endeavors.  Good Luck, Austin!

Patrice Culligan

Thumbs down to Mother Nature for lashing Alexandria with yet another wild storm this time of a mini-tornado variety. Remember back in December and January when we were buried in the cold and snow and could barely imagine excessive heat and damaging thunderstorms? Fast forward through the hottest summer on record (and its not over yet) to the storm that ravaged Alexandria last Thursday. It left virtually no street in town untouched from downed or impaired trees that damaged vehicles and homes alike. Sections of the city were without power for three days. Thankfully, no one was killed.

Denise Dunbar

Thumbs up to federal judge Henry Hudson for allowing Virginias lawsuit against the federal health-care law to move forward, putting the case on a fast track to the Supreme Court. Even people who favor an increased government role in the health care sector should be wary of the massive increase in federal power in this bill. The federal government should not be able to compel us, by discovering new authority within the Constitutions commerce clause, to purchase health insurance that we dont want or dont believe we need.  Judge Hudsons ruling was a stand for individual freedom.            

Denise Dunbar     

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