Semi-Normal Green-Lidded Fawn

Ted Geisel’s symphonic masterpiece was first published as a black and white center-spread in Judge Magazine on January 2, 1932. This melodious artwork embodies all the best of Dr. Seuss’s musically exaggerated imagination and is an early hallmark which set the stage for an elaborate history of made-up vehicles, machines and instruments. ( Dr. Seuss Enterprises L.P.)
"Cat Behind the Hat, Ted Geisel’s most iconic self-portrait, ran in the July 6, 1957 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. Appearing just four months after the launch of The Cat in the Hat, this classic portrait depicts Dr. Seuss as his mischievous alter ego, complete with red and white stovepipe hat, cat ears, and the Cat’s now famous red bow tie. ( Dr. Seuss Enterprises L.P.)
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