Opinion Your Views — 21 February 2013
Business success depends 
on cooperation in Alexandria

To the editor:
In response to the January 31 “My View” by Bill Reagan of the Alexandria Small Business Development Center (“Alexandria has a lot to offer small businesses”), we say, “Small is big in Alexandria.”

Having formed my small business here in the past year, and being a longtime resident with a professional practice in Alexandria, I have been on the sending and receiving end of assistance to small businesses.

Reagan points out there are many interrelated organizations in Alexandria that form a formidable base of support for small businesses. While formidable in reach and capability, I have always found that they are — first and foremost — approachable. They also are well attuned to promoting the concept of Alexandria businesses striving to do business with each other.

Each of the partner organizations — Reagan’s development center, the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership, the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association, and Alexandria Chamber of Commerce — are working together, in concert with City Hall, to ensure that if you want to start a new business or grow a business here, the resources and support will be readily available.

Being involved in the development, leasing and sale of diverse types of commercial office and retail space in the Alexandria market, my company is in a position to read the vital signs of our business community. Our business, like most small businesses that operate in a defined geographical area, tends to do well when everyone else is doing well. For that reason, one of the first things I (selfishly) advise clients to do when starting a new business is seek out the organizations mentioned above and take advantage of their expertise.

The key word in Reagan’s message is collaboration. Alexandria, as he points out, is a very tightly knit community comprised of a high percentage of small enterprises. It behooves us all to continue to work together to grow our businesses, because that collective growth is contagious.
- Christopher M. Campagna

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