Crime News __Featured Slider — 12 February 2013
Police respond to reports of gun fire

Alexandria police responded to a report of gun fire near the 1200 block of Madison St. late last night, said department spokeswoman Ashley Hildebrandt.

Police learned of the incident between 9 and 10 p.m. Monday night after a caller reported hearing shots fired. Police descended upon the north Old Town neighborhood, but were unable to determine where the gun fire originated. There were no reported victims and police were unable to find the perpetrator or locate the firearm.

The incident remains under investigation, Hildebrandt said.

-Melissa Quinn

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  1. This was at Old Town Commons, where I live — an EYA mixed income development. The police recovered shell casings and discovered multiple bullet marks on the side of one home. Residents have complained for a while about apparent criminal activity in and around the development though, as your story notes, no one yet knows who fired these shots.

    • I stand corrected. This story is about another gunfire incident in our same area, last night. Following the one Sunday night at Old Town Commons. A bit too close for comfort, in any case.

  2. I live dircetly across the street from Old Town Commons and have heard multiple gun shots for much of the last week. Having lived there when the Commonwas an AHRA project, and APD did not even bother responding to gunshot calls unless you could identify the shooters, I have given up calling them. Perhaps it is coincidental, but we recently have not had gun shots or violent crime until the Old Town Grocery moved in….

  3. I drove by the closed Section 8 housing this morning (North Alfred – block between 1st and Montgomery), and there were about five men in SWAT-like attire with large guns exposed as well as a local police officer in a police car milling around….Would appreciate the Times continuing to keep us informed.

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