Quick Takes


A lukewarm thumbs up to city council for avoiding further legal costs by agreeing to re-vote on the waterfront plan. I agree with critics of the plan that holding the vote at this point is pretty slimy — a supermajority is virtually assured because plan opponents Frank Fannon and Alicia Hughes were not re-elected to council. But as a friend of mine frequently says, “It is what it is.” Meaning, even if opponents won the legal battle after many thousands of additional dollars were spent, they’d still lose the war as a future vote would still go against them. It’s time to turn your efforts toward making sure transportation issues are adequately addressed in individual development proposals.

— Denise Dunbar

Thumbs up to preservationists for working with William Cromley, owner of the Carver Nursery School building, for attempting to raise funds to save the landmark. While the deadline still looms next week — and a solid plan to save the building is still lacking — the conversation is taking place in the proper context: community leaders are attempting to save their history rather than relying on the government.

— Denise Dunbar