Opinion Your Views — 07 March 2013
Alexandria needs a more 
fiscally creative city manager

To the editor:

An article recently written by Patricia Sullivan of the Washington Post regarding yet another tax hike being proposed by City Manager Rashad Young is stunning. We need a city manager who can think creatively.

I am a city resident who is fighting to stay in my home. I have very good educational degrees — and recently obtained an IT certification — and I still cannot find a decent-paying job. I have been looking for three years. Maybe Young should start going door-to-door and find out how hard it is for residents to pay these taxes. My real estate assessment just went up this year by $24,000. I don’t know if I can recover from that, let alone from a future tax hike.

The city manager obviously does not know who his constituents are, or else he would not propose such an outrageous idea.

My solution: I will take Young’s job — and take it for half of his salary — and I guarantee that I can come up with a better, more resident-friendly plan. I have experience working for a law firm for many years. I have been, and am, a business analyst. And I know how to create a successful model for any system, including city infrastructure. So I will gladly take Young’s position and give the residents a break.

I will do it for half the price and get better results. I promise.
- Jennifer Fahey

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  1. I totally agree. Please reach out to the City Council members and tell them you oppose this ridiculous tax hike. Did you know that the property tax rate in Alexandria was closer to 0.8% as recently as 2006? In other words, the City Council has repeatedly hiked taxes during the economic crisis, and they are keeping at it.

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