Opinion Your Views — 23 May 2013
Food trucks are the answer 
in Alexandria, not food carts

To the editor:

Of course the food cart program in Market Square failed (“Wheels come off food cart program,” May 16). The few carts that ever showed up had no menu or prices and were staffed by workers who were usually busy on their smartphones. Also, the food carts were put out by brick-and-mortar restaurants that never had a major investment in them and would have preferred customers go to their regular locations.

A food cart is not a food truck. The food is not cooked or prepared on the cart but rather prepared somewhere else and left to sit in the hopes that someone would come and buy it.

Because of an antiquated law, Alexandria is missing out on the food truck revolution, and the quick fix with food carts was never going to be able to compete. So the food cart program is dead, officially, several months after most thought it had been buried.

I will not belabor the idea that food trucks are not just for construction sites and back-alley dice games. People can do all that research and find websites, Twitter feeds, Food Network shows and Cooking Channel shows. The Alexandria City Council needs to move with the times and let food trucks in. It should do something for those who actually live here, rather than just hike taxes, spend money on rental bikes and triple density on the waterfront for boutique hotels.

- Michael Ford

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