Former school board, city council candidate charged with impersonating an FBI agent


By Erich Wagner (File Photo)

Police arrested one-time school board and city council candidate Scott Gordon earlier this month for allegedly impersonating an FBI agent to avoid a parking ticket in Old Town.

On September 19, Gordon returned to his car — located on the 100 block of N. Pitt St. — to find a parking enforcement employee ticketing his vehicle, said police spokeswoman Ashley Hildebrandt. Gordon, who holds an open-carry permit, then reportedly removed his firearm from his holster while insinuating he was a law enforcement officer.

“He had his weapon on him, and somehow it made its way out of its holster,” Hildebrandt said. “He didn’t point it at anyone; he was just sort of showing it and trying to get out of the ticket. And then he hinted at the fact that he was an FBI agent and drove off.”

Unfortunately for Gordon, the parking enforcement officer had his license-plate number, which was turned over to police, who promptly arrested him. Gordon faces charges of impersonating a law enforcement officer, brandishing a firearm and driving on a suspended license.

After abandoning a bid for city council last year, Gordon sought a seat on the school board. But he dropped out of the race following revelations that he lied about holding a doctorate in organizational psychology.