Opinion Your Views — 01 May 2014
Don’t just ban one box, 
banish all of them

By Jennifer Fahey, Alexandria
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To the editor:

Alexandria City Manager Rashad Young made a decision to eliminate criminal convictions on job applications for local government jobs (“Boxed out no longer,” April 17). This is a very important box to eliminate in my opinion. If I were hiring someone, I would want to know if he or she were convicted of a criminal offense because this would give me a chance to ask very pertinent questions.

But if the city manager doesn’t think an individual’s past decisions and actions are important, then he also should consider eliminating the boxes that identify a person’s gender and race. Eliminating those boxes would create an even playing field for all individuals, as it would remove subjectivity and allow the employer to focus on an individual’s work history and skill set.

Let’s eliminate those boxes as well. This would give everyone a fair chance at a job, don’t you think? I think race and gender boxes should be eliminated on applications for everything, including college. Let’s really get rid of prejudice in the hiring process and on college applications and let skills, intellect and virtue assist in determining who gets what job, or who goes to which school.


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