Opinion Your Views — 03 July 2014
ACPS supports students 
and student-athletes equally

By Alvin L. Crawley, Superintendent, Alexandria City Public Schools
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To the editor:

Alexandria City Public Schools has instituted a great many innovative programs at T.C. Williams that target students struggling academically by giving them the support to earn their diplomas.

T.C. boasts one of the best counselor-to-student ratios nationally, forming the backbone of a system that guides the student-led development of individualized academic and career plans. The district has seen ever-increasing graduation rates and ever more rigorous curriculum offerings at the city’s only public high school.

Many members of the class of 2014 are headed to some of the finest colleges and universities in the commonwealth and the world. Others are preparing to join the armed forces or enter the workplace. The district’s staff has prepared them well to become productive citizens.

It concerns me when a resident asserts that T.C. “has failed to improve the educational performance of all of its students” (“The spotlight belongs on student achievement, not athletic lights,” June 19). Such a statement indicates that there are residents unaware of the facts about how we serve our student population.

These thoughts were sparked by the recent discussion around the feasibility of having lights at Parker-Gray Memorial Stadium. As we move closer to discussing the feasibility study for the lights, school board members and I have listened to the thoughts and opinions of many residents. As superintendent, I am working with the school board to oversee many areas of operations across the whole division. These include the maintenance and renovation of athletics facilities.

Giving students the tools they need to achieve academically remains our most important charge — a commitment that informs each and every one of our decisions. We have student-athletes at T.C. earning acclaim for their work on and off the playing field. The district supports them, just as it supports all of our students and their goals.


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