The Alexandria Times’ monthly pet column, looking at issues facing local pet owners.

Alexandria family raises puppy Yul for a life helping others

By Chris Teale (Photo/Holly Bowers) He is just 11 weeks old, but already Labrador/golden retriever mix Yul is getting ready for a life of helping...

Pet Matters: Diagnosing common health and behavioral problems

By Isabel Alvarez Our pets often behave in ways we find annoying, disgusting or burdensome, but we can’t seem to correct it despite a great...

An unexpected crash course in caring for newborn pups

By Isabel Alvarez I fostered a mama dog and her eight puppies over the holidays — an unforgettable experience. The family was pulled from a shelter...

Potty training problem solving

By Isabel Alvarez Oh, the joys of potty training, that lovely time when we join forces with our pets to keep floors clean, homes harmonious,...

Pet Matters: Ignoring aggression sets your dog up for failure

In January, the Alexandria Times reported on an incident in which a woman was forced to shoot her dog to save her boyfriend from...

Pet Matters: Titan and Sox: proof that love exists

My dogs, Titan and Sox have an amazing relationship. Their love story began just under four years ago and watching them interact makes even...
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