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Alexandria’s broken online court document system limits access for residents

Even as months pass, no plans to fix city's online court records system By Jim McElhatton | jmcelhatton@alextimes.com Unlike just about every other city and county in...

Opinion: Does personal financial gain trump citizens’ interest?

From the moment I first drove down King Street, I have always loved Old Town — its historic streets and architecture, the waterfront along...

Editorial: Criminals have it easy at City Hall

Government employees have a target on their backs as the country wades slowly out of recession. Secure public sector jobs and guaranteed pensions anger...

City officials prioritize halting public employee malfeasance

From embezzlement to assault and forgery, eight public employees faced criminal charges in 2011, prompting officials to make tightening internal controls and reforming hiring...

Hot time, summer in the city, citizen engagement lookin awfully pretty

At a time of frustration and fatigue among anyone paying attention to current events it is easy, therapeutic and sometimes correct to blame the government (or lack of government intervention) for the nations problems.

Paying, literally, for Councils decisions

I recently visited the Charles Houston Recreation Center to run on the treadmill and escape the oppressive heat and humidity plaguing the region. On this day, unlike previous visits, upon checking in I was asked if I had paid up.

Pushing back

Your catchy headline for Norfolk Southern railroads court win over Alexandrias city government, Whos the boss? Not the government, (July 1, 2010) might better be titled, Whos the boss? The federal government. 

Everything on table for food cart program

City department hopes to entice restaurants to the streets

OUR VIEW | Perfect storm dumps on Alexandria

Civic engagement is the only way to put your mouth where your money is
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