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Attendant issues roil parking pot

Parking and its myriad attendant issues, such as cost, availability and fairness have long been topics of contention in our city.

Meter rate hike should not be a revenue-raiser

Its always amazing how City Hall dupes motorists by raising its parking fees and how the gullible public falls for it believing the city has a right to earn a profit off its parking meters. 

Parking problems have us in a tight spot

The issue of parking in Old Town, similar to religion and politics, has become one of those forbidden topics to discuss during local social engagements.

Getting gouged at the meter

Chris Hubbards parking op-ed makes an excellent point about increasing the cost of driving by jacked-up parking meter rates translating into increased transit usage ... what should give readers pause is what he didnt say. 

Stepping on the right toes

Kudos to Mark Mueller who, in a recent opinion piece (Old Town Gets Trampled, June 17, 2010), highlighted the congestion caused by tour bus traffic in the waterfront area, the lack of parking enforcement and the obvious lack of revenues generated by that traffic with local businesses. 
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