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Severe storm ravages cityscape

Severe storm ravages cityscape

Side effects linger for several days afterward

Weather proves no boon to the bottom line

Thursdays storm deals city businesses a mixed bag [...]

Mosquitos linger following severe storm

Last weeks mega-storm left behind more than downed power lines and trees, it also created multiple mosquito breeding habitats. [...]

Severe storm makes for chaotic rush hour

Severe storm makes for chaotic rush hour

More than 23,000 locations without power in Alexandria [...]

City sees off storm reinforcements

City sees off storm reinforcements

Emergency workers from across the state head home [...]

Snowmageddon response by the numbers

Some of the brass tacks from battling a record snowfall [...]


The latest news from the Alexandria City Council [...]

Obama signs Virginia disaster declaration

President Barack Obama declared Tuesday that a major disaster exists in the Commonwealth of Virginia [...]

OUR VIEW | Extraordinary measures in no ordinary time

 While much of the region has shut down and idled since the storms began last Friday, the city's relief forces and social safety net have gone [...]

YOUR VIEW | Neither wind, nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow

Senior Services of Alexandria with the help of its board members, the Sheriff's Department and trusty volunteers, delivered meals to more than 95 elderly residents on [...]