Rustico introduces the beer popsicle …but will the ABC let it stay?


Rusticos Chef Frank Morales and “Beer Director” Greg Engert have teamed up to create the “ultimate food and beer pairing” for summer: beer popsicles.

Priced at $4 for the traditional popsicle form, and $6 for the larger beer cones, Rusticos beer pops will be available through September.

But not if Virginia’s Alcoholic Beverage Board (ABC) has anything to say about it. The ABC is vowing to pull the beer popsicle.

Morales is undeterred.

When it comes to food, Im often inspired to create adult takes on kids classics, he said. With Gregs help, weve developed a very grown-up dessert that is a perfect extension of Rusticos culinary direction finding new ways to present simple foods that are sometimes paired with beer, often prepared with beer, and always conceived with beer in mind.

Rustico says it will offer its beer pops in three flavors all summer long: Raspbeer-y made with the St. Louis Framboise, a Belgian, fruit-style beer; Plum, made with Chapeau Mirabelle, a sweet, effervescent and yeasty Belgian Lambic; and the Fudgesicle, made with Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout, a dark, viscous beer from Michigan with creamy, bittersweet chocolate notes.

Other seasonal flavors will be offered on a rotating basis, including Banana, made with Chapeau Banana Lambic that offers an authentic aroma and classic, golden color, and apple, made with Unibroue phmre from Quebec that offers a subtle flavor of green apple, complemented by delicate notes of fruit and spice.

Rustico is located at 827 Slaters Lane in the Potomac Plaza in Alexandria. In addition to Rustico, Neighborhood Restaurant Group owns and operates the popular Alexandria eateries Evening Star Caf, Vermilion, Tallula, Buzz and EatBar.