Remodeling the process


Youre all ready to do that remodeling of the kitchen you and your spouse have been talking about for awhile. In fact, youre pumped. You literally cant wait until the construction team shows up and starts the project.

What youre actually experiencing according to Tim Burch, president of Burch Builders Group in Warrenton is the remodeling rollercoaster, and the highs and lows associated with your project are predictable.

Firsthand knowledge
When youre working in a clients house, youre tearing up their home, Burch said. Theyre probably working every day, and they look at their home as a place thats safe, warm, comforting, and youre in there tearing it up. That can be very unsettling.

Burch said that he understands what homeowners go through when there is a remodeling project.

Burch said that he does custom homes as well as remodeling projects. He said that he has charted the peaks and valleys that homeowners experience as the project winds its way to the finish.

The thing that designers and contractors have to remember is that youre designing the project for the client, not for yourself, and thats a big hurdle, Burch said. Its their project, not yours, and we explain to the homeowners the different stages of the process, and how they probably will be feeling as we go along.

Burch took a marker and working on a white board, showed the emotional trajectory of the typical project.

First, theyre excited that theyre doing it, that the plans are made, and that the project is moving forward, so thats a high, he explained. Then we have to go through the process of getting permits and, while were working hard, it doesnt seem like anything is getting done, so they come down. Then we get into the house and start the project, and they go to another peak, and then when the trades come in the electricians, the plumbers, the HVAC people there is a lot of work going on, but the house is torn up, so the homeowners hit bottom. And, finally, when the project shapes up, theyre back up. But it is a rollercoaster, and if theyre not expecting it, they can be very upset. Its all about communication. If they know whats coming, they generally handle it much better.

Burch said that when he does a remodeling project, he tries to make sure that a home has one area at least that remains untouched at a time.

We use the words safe zone around here a lot, he explained. We try to cordon off an area where they dont hear the tools running, they dont battle the dust, they dont see it because theyre away from it, which is important.

Burch said that he teaches these techniques to other builders in the area.
Burch clearly enjoys doing the work hes chosen and working with his clients.
I love it, he said. Projects are always fun for us, and we want it to be fun for them, too.

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