Under the covers, under the water and under the influence of French food


At the Hilton, its bedtime. No one is appreciating the gift of sleep right now more than Christine Yurko, recent winner of The Bed, the Hilton Alexandria Old Towns answer to a city hardwired to work, not sleep. The hotel held the April 18 drawing to mark the completion of an historic $4 million renovation. When Yurko was named the winner, the hotels Director of Sales and Marketing Stephanie Egan reports that she was hugely surprised, claiming that she never won anything, and immediately called her husband to inform him that there was a bed waiting for pick-up. 

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Three Alexandria officials and a local journalist were invited to cruise the waters of the North Atlantic in the USS Alexandria, a nuclear-powered attack submarine celebrating 25 years of service. The seven-ton sub left from Groton, Conn. on Tuesday with a delegation that included Alexandria Times Publisher John Arundel, who was invited by Mayor William D. Euille to be a part of the submersion. Euille could not make the trip because of budget hearings. Said Arundel, They say you should have a list of 100 things to do in life…This is definitely one of those boxes checked.

Bistrot Lafayette, #1. If you want to enjoy the best French restaurant in the Washington, D.C. area, AOL City Guide points you to Old Towns Bistrot Lafayette at 1118 King Street. Chef Keo Koumtakous, wife Marie and Isabelle Zorro have achieved a delightful mixture of fine bistro cuisine set in a charming, artsy atmosphere where French Art Deco pieces warm up the room.

Chocolate is a spring-color. Eric Nelsons Artfully Chocolate shop has recently hosted a series of chocolate tastings that included organic chocolatier and Chocolat USA owner Mariam Lister. Lister elicited big reaction from the crowd with her chocolate dipped blood oranges and other delectables. Guest Alice Graff said, Im a big chocoholic, and I have never had anything this amazing in years. Mariams chocolates are not only mouth watering, theyre also organic and addictive. Besides Artfully Chocolate, Listers creations can be found Saturdays at her stand at the Old Town Farmers Market, Market Square. www.artfullychocolate.com 
Jane Seymour the artist. Old Towns P & C Art Gallery (703.549.2525) is presently showing Seymours work. Among the works included are a self-portrait Dr. Mike Michaela Quinn and Portrait of a Red Rose.

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