Business Profile – Its really a dogs life


Like their dog Josie, owners Jeff and Sandy Lutton of Dogtopia, Alexandrias newest full-service dog daycare, predicts your dog will also run laps in the car as you approach Dogtopia. With scores of canine friends waiting, your child as Jeff likes to refer to the subjects entrusted him, will race to the door of the safe environment and you will have peace of mind as you head to work.

Peace of mind is a high-prized commodity and Dogtopia is committed to delivering an atmosphere where both owners and dogs are cared for. Averaging $30 a day, dogs are treated to play-group time, outdoor time, grooming services, training and more, and web-cameras allow parents to check in on their child throughout the day. 

Open weekdays from 7 a.m.-7 p.m., clients will find their dog eager for their crate and ready for lights out at the end of the day. Jeff guarantees this spells relief after a long day at the office, relaying how a new client couple who are serious athletes were running with their 9-month-old Black Lab Sophie, a combined 7 miles a day, yet found she was still unbearably hyped-up at the days end. It doesnt matter what we do, this dog needs more, was the client complaint.

Another new charge Dudley the puggle (pub/beagle mix) passed the required entrance evaluation with flying colors, said Jeff, and the dad left with Dudley with plans to start day-care the following week. Thirty-minutes later we get this call: Can I bring Dudley back? Jeff recalls Dudley had hit it off with Rufus, another beagle mix and it was obvious to the owner that Dudley loved the stimulating company. And, Dudleys dad loved the stimulating quiet he was given in return.

Going on vacation and need overnight services? Dogtopia provides a vacation for dogs so theres zero guilt while owners are inhaling the Caribbean. Jeff is sure that just as dogs are eager to be dropped off, they are eager to stay for awhile.
Think of [your dog] saying, Hey, guys, you go awaywere going to party. All my buddies are here. And with special spa services, your pooch will be just as relaxed and beautiful as you are when you return.