Mark Warner outlines Senate campaign


The annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner is for Alexandria Democrats to celebrate being Democrats. This year, they also celebrated former Virginia Governor Mark Warners decision to run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator John Warner (R).

Every elected official in Alexandria is a Democrat and we need to work hard to take back the Virginia General Assembly, Mark Warner said. However, it is important to recognize that I would not have been able to accomplish what we accomplished in Virginia during my term as governor without the support of Independents, right thinking Republicans and, of course, all of you.

The big announcement of the night was that Warners campaign headquarters will be in Alexandria, at 210 N. Union St., Suite 350. We have plenty of room and are ready to welcome all of our volunteers, Warner said. 

His announcement made and his campaign underway, Warner gave the audience a glimpse at the issues he will emphasize in the upcoming race. As I have traveled around the world, I have become increasingly interested in the development of alternative sources of energy. Leaders from other countries are asking when we are going to step up and take a leadership role in this area. 

Right now, this administration is spending $2 billion on research into alternative energy sources. By contrast, they are spending $9 billion a month on the war in Iraq, Warner said. Our dependence on foreign oil causes us to give money to countries that house anti-U.S. terrorists.

In Virginia, Warner said, we are conducting research on solar energy at Virginia Tech, and on the Eastern Shore we are providing power for as many as 750,000 homes from wind. If we are accomplishing this in Virginia, imagine what we could do with a comprehensive national energy policy.

While Democrats are now focused on the November General Assembly races, everyone left the Jefferson-Jackson dinner energized about Warners campaign and November 2008.

Alexandria Times intern Rebecca Newsham contributed to this story.