My View – Ending a long struggle for transportation


The 2007 session of the General Assembly has ended, and so has our two-year long effort to secure new funds for transportation.

With bi-partisan support, we passed the revised transportation plan. We will finally begin making responsible investments in our transportation system that will get traffic moving on our roadways in the most congested areas of Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads.

For two years, Governor Kaine has led on this issue and urged House Republicans to join him in developing a solution. 

Governor Kaine was also successful in stopping a significant raid on funds from education, healthcare and public safety for road construction. Thousands of Virginians joined be at in fighting that effort.

Most significantly, Governor Kaine has developed regional plans in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads that local governments say are workable and will generate new funds for our transportation infrastructure.

While this plan is not perfect, it is the best way this year to provide relief to Virginians sitting in traffic without robbing our schools, our colleges, and our law enforcement community to pay for roads. I was proud to be a part of the team that continues to provide results-oriented governance for our Commonwealth.

Thank you to everyone who helped in this struggle. Under Governor Warner and now Governor Kaine, weve continued to make progress on our most important priorities of education, healthcare, transportation, public safety and environmental protection.