BISNOW ON BUSINESS – Mark Warner back in tech limelight


Cant believe its been 10 years! was the consensus on May 23 at the TiE-DC Tenth Annivers

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ary Gala held at Congressional Country Club.

Though it was competing with the finale of American Idol, more than 225 high tech muckety mucks managed to soak up the sun while hobnobbing on the clubs terrace. Some came from as far as Pune, India. Of course while inching along on River Road, Bethesda seemed about as far away as Pune. 

While we were taking the picture above, keynoter (and former Virginia Governator) Mark Warner, center, tried to convince MicroStrategy vice chairman Sanju Bansal, right, to go into politics.  Half-jokingly, we believe.  Also pictured:  Monsoon Capitals Gautum Prakash.  

In his speech, Warner noted he had been one of the first board members on the Indian CEO Council, which later became TiE.  He said he was now speaking as a politician and an entrepreneur (a few years ago, running for office, he used to leave off the first part) and gave the following advice to young movers and shakers:  Management always trumps technology. Be willing to fail, and be realistic. He reminisced about his days of crashing on his law school buddies couches, living out of his car and losing his life savings of $5000 on his first venture.  

Have pencil and paper ready, future tycoons:  Warner said,The next great place to be successful is energy. He went on to say that alternative energy will have the same impact on America that IT had. 

From left, IBMs Christian Carlson, Rep. Tom Davis, MicrosoftsTeresa Carlson, and IMCs Sudhakar Shenoy, who is current TiE-DCs prez.  Tearing up the dance floor later in moves that would make Fred and Ginger jealous, Sudhakar claimed to be one of the only TiE presidents who can dance.  Founded by Bansal and Cvent CEO Reggie Aggarwal, TiE has been seeding the entrepreneur market with Indian and other talent since 1997.  They are reportedly considering a new business model featuring ancillary revenue streams generated from franchised Shenoy Schools of Dancing.  

NEAs Amita Shukla with Aggarwal. When Reggie was presented with an award for his service to TiE (along with other past presidents) and didnt make use of the microphone, Warner commented, What? Reggie turning down an opportunity to speak? 

As for Warners speaking proclivities, to the elation of many in the audience, he also said he will be getting back into public service in one form or another. After spending time with my teenage daughters who dont want to spend time with me, Iowa and New Hampshire are looking pretty good.

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