Women artists works on display


There are two new art exhibits at City Hall, featuring the work of two very different female artists.

Becky Heavners quilts are not like the quilts of old but were influenced by them. Ive been quilting for about 15 years and see my quilts as art, Heavner said. I use fabric, of course, but buttons and rocks and other material that I collect as well.

One of the quilts that is on display in the Mayors Gallery at City Hall is reminiscent of a trip Heavner took with her husband. We went to Montana for our 10th anniversary and this quilt is made of fabric and other things that I found or purchased while we were in Montana. Every time I look at it, I think of all of the places where I got the materials to make it, she said.

She combines hand and machine stitching, silk screening and dying to emphasize both color and texture. I love quilting and take my quilts with me when I travel. The largest quilt I have ever made took over ten years to complete. Its also the only quilt that I actually use as a quilt, Heavner said.

Painting from memory
Wynn Creasy has been painting for only one year, although she has produced more than 200 works. She prefers oil bars and oil pastels and has recently begun experimenting with acrylics.

My work is about nature, particularly landscapes and scenes from my childhood, Creasy said. I grew up in Southwestern Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains and remember some spectacular sunsets.

I dont use pictures. I paint from memory and my memories are those of a child, so many of the colors are very vivid and representational, Creasy said.

Both exhibits will be open for the next two months.