Allen favors Fred Thompson

Allen favors Fred Thompson

Former Virginia Senator George Allen (R) may claim not to be interested in running for office any time soon, but that hasnt kept him from handicapping the favorites for the 2008 presidential nomination. And to Allen, former Senator Fred Thompson may be just what Republicans are looking for.  

I think [a Thompson candidacy] is good, Allen told The Hill newspaper this week. I would encourage him to do so. 

Allen, who recently established the Good Government Action Fund PAC to support Republicans in the upcoming General Assembly election, said the current Republicans in the race have left a bit of a void for someone with a proven conservative record. 

The former senator said Thompson is off to a very good start. He added that Thompson believes that all wisdoms not in Washington — in fact, little wisdoms in Washington; an idea that resonate[s] with people. 

Allen, who was once considered a favorite for the Republican nomination in 2008, expressed concern with frontrunner Rudy Giulianis record on gun control and his support of abortion rights. He also said that Senator John McCains (R-AZ) work on the immigration bill currently under debate in the Senate, which he dubbed as amnesty, would be detrimental to his presidential aspirations. 

Some Southern flare in the Senate
A bit of Southern style was on display in the Senate last Thursday as nearly 20 senators donned the crinkly blue and white fabric known primarily below the Mason-Dixon line: Seersucker. 

Seersucker Thursday was born in 1996 when Mississippi Senator Trent Lott (R) wanted to bring some southern style to Congress upper chamber. Since its inception, the tradition has grown steadily, with senators from Kentucky, Mississippi, Minnesota and even California joining in over the years.  

Virginias senior Senator John Warner (R), an Alexandria resident, participated in the eleven year-old tradition this year, sporting a seersucker blazer with pale yellow slacks. 

California Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) enticed the women senators to participate by buying them seersucker suits last year. This year, five of the female senators joined Feinstein in arriving to the Capitol last Thursday clad in seersucker. 

Reese to serve on USS Arlington commissioning committee
Senator Jim Webb (D) announced this week that Timothy Reese, founder and co-chairman of the Arlington County Fire 9/11 Scholarship, will sit on the commissioning committee for the USS Arlington, an amphibious transport dock ship that will pay tribute to the victims and heroes of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. 

I am proud to have nominated Tim to the Commissioning Committee for the USS Arlington and happy to see him take part in this important initiative, Webb said. His experience and dedication to this important cause will be valuable assets during the committees work. 

The USS Arlington, along with the USS Somerset and USS New York, will be constructed in 2009 or 2010 to honor the victims of the 9/11 attacks.  

The commission will be responsible for fundraising, planning the commissioning ceremony and maintaining a relationship between the crew, ship and the Arlington community. Victims families, retired Navy officials and defense contractors will also sit on the committee.