Tradition transfers to real estate


The discipline and trust connected with the military  flows down to selling homes at Century 21 New Millennium, starting with the strong military backgrounds of company founders Todd Hetherington and Mary Lynn Stone.

Todds nephew Mike Hetherington left Iraq as an Army captain in March, 2005 and came to Century 21 New Millennium soon after, when his father Jeff joined Todd in offering Mike a position in their Alexandria office.

Mike did find that the stress of the business pales beside the stress of combat, he experienced in Baghdad. But when dealing with a military client who was returning from Iraq, he said, We pretty much have an instant bond.

Century 21 New Millennium works with the large number of military personnel in the Washington area and this breeds a sense of familiarity. Military clients relate to and trust other folks who wore the uniform, said Todd Hetherington.

He is a West Point graduate, and Stones father was in the Navy. Now more than a third of the firms 480 employees have some military background.

New Millennium has offices throughout the region, from Fredericksburg, Va. to Lexington Park, Md. The number of military bases in that area, with the influence of the Pentagon, makes the military community a strong market for the company. In addition to the Pentagon as a big employer, many clients come from Andrews Air Force Base, Bolling Air Force Base and Fort Belvoir.

Todd finds theres a mutual trust and rapport, among the clients and agents.

Russ Conners is another New Millennium agent, who spent five years in the Marine Corps before getting into real estate. He also noted that his military clients appreciate a certain level of integrity, loyalty and discipline, that the military background instilled in him.

Todd Hetherington graduated from West Point in 1985 and spent five years in the Army before retiring as a captain. He then earned his real estate license and recognized how to capitalize on the military influence. He therefore made several trips to bases around the country putting out his name to a population I knew would be coming to the area. Todds brother Jeff retired as a colonel.

Shortly after, Hetherington and Stone merged companies to form New Millennium. One thing they rely on and require of all the agents is the Sphere of Influence list, and Todds list is full of military contacts. We know the military community is a small community, they all talk, he said.

Todd intends to spend this Fourth of July seeped in tradition, the way his family spends many of these patriotic holidays each year. They are going to Bethany Beach in Delaware to enjoy boating, a parade, a barbecue and fireworks. Its a tradition for the Hetherington family, and the rest of the country, too.