Wild about Harry – Alexandrians share favorite Potter stories while waiting for book


King Street became Hogwarts last Friday night and was populated by Harry Potters, Hermione Grangers, Ron Weasleys and Voldemorts. The event, for those who live in caves, was the pre-release of the seventh Harry Potter book.

Sarah Conroy has been waiting for this last book in the saga of the young wizard since she read the sixth book. Dressed as Hermione, she visited various stops in Alexandrias version of the young wizards haunts.

My favorite was the psychic because the things he said about me were really true, Sarah said. He told me that I was really good at reading books and could probably memorize the encyclopedia if I read it.

Finally, at midnight, it was time to go get her own copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. We had ordered it ahead of time so there really wasnt a very long line, she said.

Book in hand, Sarah and her parents went home at around 12:30 a.m. I told her to put the book on a table because I didnt want her to stay up all night reading it, said Catherine Sacra, Sarahs mother.

Sarah looked everywhere for a flashlight but couldnt find one. She pulled her curtains back to allow the streetlight to shine into her room. She read very little before Mom told her to go to bed.

When she awoke early the next morning, anticipating her prize, it was gone. My mother stole my book and was reading it when I got up, Sarah said.

Mom finished the book while Sarah was at a birthday party on Saturday and returned it. By Monday, Sarah was two-thirds finished. Its so good, she said.

So far, Sarahs favorite book in the series was the third book, although, This one is so full of action that I might like it best when I finish it, she said.

As for Mom, I think I liked the third book the best but this one really is very good, she said.

With Sarah getting older, (shes 11) and the Harry Potter series at an end, Mom is planning for a time when magic no longer enthralls her daughter and she turns to books about the real world. I guess Ill just finally have to admit that I love childrens books, she said.