Alcohol tests positive in fatal crash last June


Toxicology tests are in, revealing that the driver in the fatal car crash June 14 near the Springfield Interchange had a blood alcohol content over the legal limit, and tested positive for marijuana as well.

According to Virginia State Police spokesperson Sgt. Terry Licklider, the driver of the car, Elaine M. Thackston, 20, had an alcohol content of at least .02., which is above the legal limit in Virginia. The legal drinking age in Virginia is 21, but for drivers under 21, .02 or higher than theyre considered drunk driving, said Sgt. Licklider.

Also killed in the crash were Alexandria residents Lydia M. Petkoff, 18, and Renee N. Shelkin, 18. Both had just graduated from West Potomac High School in Fairfax County that afternoon. Also killed was Sarah R. Carter, 19, who was Thackstons roommate at George Mason University in Fairfax. Carter graduated from West Potomac in 2006. Another West Potomac student, Jenna Rexroat, 17, survived the crash.

The night of the crash, the women were riding in a Volkswagen convertible, heading west on the beltway, when Thackston veered across several lanes to the ramp for I-95 south. As she crossed the median stripes on the ramp, she got right in the path of a 2007 Freightliner tractor trailer, and was driven into the retaining wall. Officers on the scene found a six pack of Heineken and a gallon of Vodka that was about half full, said Licklider. A very small amount of marijuana was also found.

The police have interviewed witnesses and others surrounding the case trying to determine how the women got the alcohol. Nobodys come forward, with that information, Licklider said.