Former band members open new music studio


Former members of the local band Jacks House have opened a recording studio. Jack Bryant, Rick Irby, and Peter Larkin, all graduates of T.C. Williams class of 2002, and West Potomac High School class of 2002 and 2004, have decided to take their musical talents in a different direction and open Ampersand Sound, owned by FullPhase Productions. Their focus is on local artists and they want to help bring out local talent in the Alexandria area.

Jacks House was a band that toured colleges and clubs up and down the east coast. It also made its home at the 930 Club in Northwest D.C. Using their experiences as musicians in the recording studio, the band members have a true appreciation for the artist and the product of the artist. Unlike other studios, Ampersand Sound does not charge by hourly rates. Bryant said, We believe the project immediately suffers if studios charge by the hour.

Larkin and Irby have also been recording together for several years. They have spent thousands of hours in recording studios, as both the artist and the producer. This is what truly sets Ampersand Sound apart from most studios because they have experienced both sides in the recording world. Also, knowing what it is like to start out as a local band enables them to appreciate many local talents in the area, one of whom is the band Carbon Copy, with musicians who are also T.C. students.

Irby said that Ampersand Sound is looking for musicians who are trying to dive into their songs and look for whats important.

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Caitlin Coggins is an intern with The Alexandria Times and a student at Mary Washington University.