Land parcels in city getting a makeover


Two parcels of land on Mt. Vernon Avenue are getting a new look.
Some time before Sept. 30, the city will demolish buildings at 4121 and 4125 Mt. Vernon Avenue. These buildings are adjacent to Four Mile Run and were purchased as part of the Four Mile Run restoration project being planned jointly by Arlington and Alexandria, with significant support from federal dollars obtained by Virginia Rep. James Moran (D-8th).

This property will become part of the green plaza, which will stretch from the soccer fields at the north end of Mt. Vernon Avenue to the park near Cora Kelly, said Judy Noritake, co-chair of the Four Mile Run Task Force.

The old Duron Paint store will not be torn down. For now, it will serve as a substation for the Alexandria Police Department and could, eventually, become the Four Mile Run Educational Center.

The master plan calls for such a center to be located at the end of Commonwealth Avenue but this building might be perfect for this purpose, Noritake said. Architecturally, the bones are great and could be a terrific place to begin. Also, the location, right on the Arlington and Alexandria border, is excellent.

Fence concerns
Traveling south on The Avenue, there is a vacant lot at the corner of Del Ray and Commonwealth. For years, it was home to indigenous plants, cared for a Del Ray resident. Recently, a fence appeared around the property, causing residents to wonder what was happening.

This parcel has been on the citys open space list for some time but the owner has submitted concept plans to the Planning Department for a residential development, said Laura Durham, Alexandrias open space coordinator. We are working with the owner to retain as much open space on this corner as possible and are still considering purchasing it outright if the owner is willing to sell. We will see what happens.