My Views – What we can and cannot do in Iraq


Its time to stop funding the war and bring home our loved ones. The American soldiers and marines won the war. Saddam Hussein was ousted from power. Iraqis elected a government in a democratic process.There are no weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately, the Iraqis have subsequently chosen civil war. What will happen when we leave?

Iraq will be a tragic and violent country; a hellish home for many good Iraqis.

Can we stop that? Our experience has proven clearly that we cannot: keep the Iraqi parliament in session to resolve the countrys problems; make the Iraqis share the wealth of the country; make the Iraqis compromise with each other; train the Iraqi Army to protect the Iraqi citizens and keep the Iraqis from using American weapons to kill Americans and other Iraqis.

What might we be able to do to stabilize Iraq? Keep Saudi Arabia from exporting insurgents into Iraq. Negotiate with Iran to stop the flow of arms and insurgents into Iraq.

Work with all of Iraqs neighbors to develop a regional approach to supporting a stable Iraqi government. And finally, make progress in solving the Israeli Palestinian issue.

The United States is not caring for our warriors. In many cases they have not received proper equipment or training which means Americans are dying unnecessarily.

We won our war. The civil war belongs to the Iraqis.

The solutions in Iraq are no longer military. Bring home our sons and daughters and husbands and wives.

Kathryn Morrison is with Military Families Speak Out.