School Board gets new construction update


The T.C. Williams High School drama department has chosen William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet for the first production in the new auditorium. Last week, the Alexandria School Board got a preview prior to the start of their meeting. The play wil

l open on Thursday, Nov. 29, and run for three nights, closing on Dec. 1. Performances will begin at 7 p.m.

T.C. construction update
The discovery of substantially more asbestos than previously estimated has led to additional costs in terms of dollars and time. The cost is now believed to exceed the budget by $1.5 million, including $500,000 as a contingency fund. Thursday night, the Board learned that the new completion date is now Oct. 14, 2008. That is when the parking garage will be opened.

I have asked that the Board be presented with any available option for getting the garage open by the time school begins, said Board member Scott Newsham. The superintendent is discussing the matter with the contractor and will get back to us.

Mark Burke, the T.C. construction project manager, told the Board that an accelerated schedule for asbestos abatement will cost an additional $120,000. The cost of accelerating demolition of the old building and construction of the parking structure is unknown.

The Board was informed that Parker-Gray stadium will be ready for football season next fall. The new timeline is now:

  • complete asbestos abatement of the main school building by 11/21/07
  • begin main school building demolition on 12/3/07
  • complete demolition and removal/recycling of the main school building by the end of March 2008
  • begin parking garage foundations in March 2008
  • begin parking garage structural precast concrete erection in May 2008
  • complete parking garage structural precast concrete erection in July 2008
  • begin building foundations for the Orchestra Room in February 2008
  • complete the Orchestra Room in July 2008
  • obtain substantial completion for Phase B-2 by 10/14/08

Superintendent Rebecca Perry presented the superintendents report consisting of budget projections that are a four to eight percent increase over last years, although the City Council has projected less money due to the declining real estate values.

Both the schools and the citys projections exceed the revenue projections, Perry said.