Kingstowne bank robber arrested


On February 8, Glen A. Pullen of 4608 Cottonwood Place in Alexandria was arrested at the Suntrus

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t Bank at 5820 Kingstowne Center. Pullen allegedly walked into a closed office with a female bank employee, produced a “Special Police” badge and a .32 caliber handgun.

According to the police search warrant affidavit, Pullen then allegedly put the handgun on the desk and said to her, “I’m gonna need some money.” When another bank employee walked into the office, Pullen hid the gun. Both employees left the office and called 911.

Pullen then left the bank without money but was stopped and arrested by a Fairfax County police officer. Pullen showed the officer the badge, saying that he was in the “Special Police.”

In Pullen’s truck the officer found the receipt, box and case for a bade. Three other badge cases were in the truck a well.

Pullen’s recent criminal history began on February 3 when Pullen allegedly identified himself as a postal inspector to a police officer and asked to have a vehicles license plates checked. He was denied the information.

Two days later, an officer took a report that Pullen had threatened a Suntrust employee working at 6050 Rosehill Drive on the phone, saying that he was going to shoot the employee with his crossbow.

And then on February 7, Pullen was arrested for impersonating a police officer. A crossbow was found in his truck. The affidavit said Pullen was at the scene of a fire alarm, “stating that he was an undercover postal inspector, threatening to ‘lock people up.'”

Police said that Pullen is being charged with armed intent to commit larceny and brandishing a weapon. Police could not comment further on Pullen’s charges, where he is being held, why he had not been charged with bank robbery or impersonating an officer.

Pullen’s court date is on May 2. If convicted, he faces 20 years to life and/or a fine of $100,000. There is no bond for his release.