Your Views – Time to rededicate ourselves for the future


With this years election behind us, I am deeply thankful and humbled that voters of the 45th District thought enough of my service during this first term that they re-hired me as their delegate and so  strongly endorsed my progressive agenda for the future. I am especially grateful to scores of grassroots volunteers from all across our community ranging from high school students to members of the Greatest Generation who devoted hundreds of hours of time and energy to our cause. One of my goals as both a candidate and an elected leader continues to be empowering people to get involved and make change. Thats why we host Volunteer Nights at our home year round, giving people the grassroots skills and experience to be more fully engaged in the democratic process. In the face of a very credible challenge, Team Englins commitment to grassroots empowerment, combined with a principled, progressive approach to governing, resulted in a two-to-one margin of victory exceeding even our own expectations.

Regardless of whom you supported on Nov. 6, now we must focus on the interests we share and move forward together. We must re-dedicate ourselves to the work of building a future in which the daily realities of our community and our Commonwealth better reflect the ideals we profess. During the upcoming General Assembly session, I am confident that we will repeal the ill-conceived abuser fees in favor of a more fair and sustainable way to pay for transportation. I am hopeful that we will make progress on giving every child in Virginia an equal opportunity to succeed by guaranteeing access to high-quality pre-kindergarten. I am optimistic that we will see a statewide ban on smoking in restaurants. Beyond that, I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues on legislation that will make housing more affordable, strengthen public education, reduce the cost of health care, protect the environment, and make government more open and responsive to the people we serve.

I am lucky to represent some of the most educated and thoughtful people in America, so please help me serve you better by sharing your ideas at  or 703-549-3203.

  Delegate David Englin, 45th District