Full-bodied expressions, big pipes


Town Crier William North-Rudin provides thunder.
North-Rudin of Alexandria loves his job. Its a hoot! he said, having recently felt the fullest expression of his well-deserved position as City Crier at last weekends Birthday Celebration. Self-described as loud and endowed with good humor (an essential for the job, he asserts), North-Rudin, in 18-century attire, thundered out the Cry, introducing Mayor William D. Euille to the crowd gathered on the waterfront. Unfortunately, the fireworks were canceled but the Mayor and I attempted to make up for the lack of loud noise. www.americantowncriers.com

Key to the Bastille symbolizes fervor for freedom.
At the Mount Vernon Estate and the George Washington Masonic Memorial rest keys to Frances infamous prison courtesy of the Marquis de Lafayette, close friend and ally of Washingtons, the former attaining celebrity status in the young thriving seaport of Alexandria. With Bastille Day approaching on July 17, the keys local presence recalls a remarkable friendship of immense national import, though locally, its personal. Old Towns historic markers tell the story of memorable dinners, public speeches and general hobnobbing of the time. On being shown the Memorials 10-inch, 5-pound key, a recent visitor from France remarked, Of course, this key belongs back in France, Memorial coterie Dr. Mark Dreisonstok informed About Town.

Small stature, big pipes.
Petite Virginia Tech student Florence Covalgi of Alexandria won $500 recently from the D.C. Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board for her cacophonous rendition of its Keno Double Days theme song.

Southwest helping military pick up the phone.
Understanding the need for the deployed to stay in touch with family, Southwest Airline Captain and Alexandria resident Paul Onorato is urging the community to consider participating in Southwest Airlines Operation Phone Home, a good-will program to raise funds for military-bound phone-cards.
Deadline for contributions is July 20. www.uso.org/southwest.  

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