Door Thru Door


If you or a close family member or friend reach a point where commuting to and from medical appointments is too arduous a task to endure alone, it helps to know the city is there to provide a much-needed assist.

Through a new Door Thru Door transportation program, trained aides will be provided to accompany transportation disadvantaged adults age 18 and older in the DC-Metropolitan region to non-urgent medical appointments within 10 miles of their home.

According to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Transportation disadvantaged is defined as populations that lack the financial, physical, or language ability to provide their own transportation and/or have difficulty accessing public transportation.

Aides will assist eligible individuals in getting ready for appointments, riding with them to and from appointments, staying with them during the appointment and assist in getting settled back at home. Aides may also carry relevant medical information back to family caregivers or community service providers.

Individuals are responsible for scheduling transportation using existing programs such as DOT, Senior Taxi or Metro Access, as well as paying the cost of transportation for themselves and the aide. The cost of assistance provided by the aide is based on income, with a maximum cost of $30 per appointment. Access to this service will not be denied due to inability to contribute to cost.

Using data from the 2000 U.S. Census, the Council of Governments found that of the 4.5 million area residents their plan intended to serve, about 14 percent are of low income; 14 percent are persons with disabilities; 9 percent are adults over the age of 65; seven percent are below the poverty level; and five percent are limited English speakers.

The Door Thru Door program can be reached by calling 703-638-0736.