Extreme Sightseeing – Souped up Seadog coming April 8 to Potomac River

Extreme Sightseeing – Souped up Seadog coming April 8 to Potomac River

Check your calendars, folks, because the largest hotel on the eastern seaboard is 41 days away from lift-off. The first phase of Milt Petersons $2 billion dream along the Potomac, the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center, is scheduled to open on Saturday, April 30.

And in case theres any doubt that the folks at Orlando-based Gaylord Hotels or the Fairfax-based Peterson Companies dont know how to have fun, check out these recently-released stats from the National Harbor web site: There will be 64 private boat slips, from 48-120 feet long and 45-feet wide.

Perhaps a little too large for us mere mortals with just 47-foot powerboats, but thrilling for those of you who hit the Powerball last year and stepped up to something more expansive.

But dont despair. Sailing south of the Wilson Bridge on light airy days may get a little more exciting with the addition on April 8 of the souped-up Seadog, a boat ride like no other, with bucket seats, seatbelts and what promoters are calling the Washington metro areas most thrilling boat ride.

Seadogs Sightseeing & Speedboat Tour is the best way to view Washington and the surrounding area from the Potomac, a spokesperson for the Chicago-based company crooned. It combines an exciting speedboat ride with fantastic views of Washingtons famous landmarks and historical sites.

You like fast? This puppy has twin 12-cylinder Caterpillar Turbo Diesels, capable of 900 horsepower each. It has a cruising speed of 30 knots, or about 35 miles per hour. With an overall length of 70 feet, it has 104 bucket seats with seatbelts. David Hasselhoff could not have designed a cooler ride.

The 45 minute speedboat tour will be offering hourly cruises to the public, Tuesdays through Sundays from 11a.m. to 8 p.m., weather permitting. The speedboat will head South down the Potomac and turn at Mt. Vernon. Sites along the cruise route include Jones Point Lighthouse, Ft. Washington, and Mt. Vernon, as well as an up-close look at the Wilson Bridge and the DC skyline in the distance.

Theres also the 70 minute monument tour offered for groups, with a spin past DCs waterfront. The tour will depart National Harbor and proceed northbound. Sites include Old Town, Reagan National Airport, The Capitol Building, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and several bridges into the city as well as other landmarks. This is not a regularly scheduled cruise but is available as a charter for groups with prior arrangement, the spokesperson said. He added that all cruises include a narration of the sites of interest, with upbeat music in between.

Seadog Cruises gives you everything necessary to plan a fun and exciting outing for your groupincluding customized music, beverage packages and more.
The Seadog begins its season on April 8 and will run six days a week until mid October when the boat will dry-dock and be stored for the winter.