JCs prime time


Everyone who watches television these days in Washington (or for the last three decades for that matter) knows JC Hayward from her many years on WUSA 9 News NOW; she is Washingtons first female anchorwoman, and one of only two in the country who have been with their current station for 36 years running.

Yes, shes still anchoring DCs highest-rated Noon newscast every weekday, shes still producing her Emmy-winning JC and Friends segments, and shes still Vice-President of Community Outreach, a title given to her in 2006 to increase her already high profile in the region.

But what does a local TV legend like her do to reinvent and reinvigorate her already storied career? How about jumping feet first into cyberspace to woo her fellow baby boomers who are more active than ever?

JC is the spearhead behind an exciting new website, dvmOurTime.com, which appeals to the ever-burgeoning 50-plus crowd in the Washington metropolitan area. dvmOurTime.com (dvm stands for District, Virginia and Maryland) is a website that will cater to those local boomers over 50 who want to live dynamic, active, fun livesyou knowtruly enjoy Our Time, that time of life when life is theirs to live their way. I am extremely excited about the dvm Our Time website, Hayward said. Boomers are the largest segment of our society with the largest amount of discretionary funds, plus were doing more adventurous things, exploring new paths and living life to the fullest.I mean, its our time.

One of the main features is the websites Club Card, which will enable the boomer user to get a bevy of benefits and savings on a host of different services such as dining, travel, entertainment and much more. Every registrant to the site automatically joins the Club for free. Residents who are 50-plus can go to the site to get information, receive benefits, and learn how to really enjoy the second half of their life. The site is also soliciting local businesses to get involved and tap in to this ever-growing demographic, with an easy registration for businesses on the splash page and coming site. Users will also have access to games like Bingo and Sudoku, daily cartoons from local artists, a social networking aspect, and much more.

Up now on the web as a splash page where early arrivals can register, the website officially launches on Thursday February 21, a big day for JC. Its truly significant that the launch date of the site is my 36th anniversary anchoring the news for Channel 9, Ms. Hayward continued. It just proves that time flies when youre having fun!