Super Bowling around town

Super Bowling around town

Okay, so the Redskins couldnt I mean didnt make it to the big game this year. Or the year before that. Or the year before thatbut contrary to local belief, Super Bowl XLII still counts. Here are a few hangouts that do Super Sunday justice. Who knows? There may even be some New York or Boston transplants around who want to watch it. Nah.  

The Bungalow Village at Shirlington
2766 S. Arlington Mill Dr.

This joint flaunts football food, pool tables and dartboards, so if the bowl isnt super, you can start your own game. Reminder: pool is NOT a contact sport. The Bungalow is planning a mammoth party soaked in beer specials with a drop-down projection screen and a concession stand to give you that stadium feel without the wallet-drain.
# Of TVs: 30  

Joe Theismanns
1800 Diagonal Rd.

Better get your spot quick. Joes leg has long-been healed, and his restaurant is a local football-ogling favorite. On Super Sunday, Theismanns will sport a buffet fit for an O-line. But call ahead, because its also a favorite locale of a certain local mayor, who reportedly reserved some party space. Oh, and dont worry about missing a play, because flat screens dress up the mens restroom for maximum Madden intake (sorry, ladies).
# Of TVs: 15  

Crystal City Sports Pub
529 23rd St., Arlington

Were not suggesting leaving the city of course, but if you were forced to, north on route one is the way to go. Crystal City Sports Pub is as legitimate as sports bars come, housing a club level with walls literally made of televisions you could spin around in circles (not recommended) without missing a tackle. If thats not your thing there are two other levels to watch the long-awaited bout (or blowout). CCSP features a party package and a halftime dinner buffet for the big bowl, but call in advance to reserve your spot.
# Of TVs: 95