GA at a Glance


Abusive Drivers Fees Inch Closer to Repeal
Abusive driver fees are a step closer to repeal, as the Senate voted to axe the fees this past Wednesday. If the Senate bill passes, a clean repeal of the fees would apply to all drivers. Drivers who owe money for past fees could petition the court to invalidate the fees, and the drivers would be exempt from future payments. Fees already paid would be refunded. The Senate bill will go to the House for approval.  

McCain Campaign Announces Va. Leadership
Sen. John Warner, R-Virginia, and former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore are among local leaders who will be campaigning in Virginia for Arizona Sen. John McCains presidential campaign. McCains Virginia grassroots campaign is called the Virginia Leadership Team.

Virginia Remains Songless
More than ten years after Virginias former state song, Carry Me Back to Ol Virginny, was retired for its racially offensive lyrics, Virginia is still without its own tune. A Senate bill aimed to make Cradle of Liberty by Thomas L. DeBusk Virginias official state song, but the bill was passed over to the Senate General Laws and Technology Committee for review, ending its chances for approval during the 2008 General Assembly session.

Catholic Advocacy Day
About 260 Virginians lobbied the General Assembly this past Monday for Catholic Advocacy Day. The protestors aimed to sway legislators votes about issues important to the Virginia Diocese. Key issues constituents discussed with their legislators were abortion, immigration, the death penalty, education and the state budget.