Masters show kids how its done


Move over kids, its your parents turn to play.

A group of Alexandria soccer parents has just started a league of their own.

Alexandria Masters League Soccer met for its second round of matches Saturday night at Minnie Howard School, pitting families from Beverly Hills, Braddock Heights, Del Ray and Rosemont in a good-hearted rivalry. The inaugural games were held April 12.

Hes good, said 10 year-old Andrew Bolton of his dads field performance. The youth-soccer goalies confidence in his own skills remained unshaken. I think I could beat him, he added.

Go Daddy! and Go Mommy! were often-heard sideline cheers on this balmy, moonlit night. A group of young girls attempted a cheerleader pyramid supporting Beverly Hills. The most rousing round of applause, however, was for the Mayor, who stopped by to check out the new league in action.