McCain Campaign Announces Virginia Leaders


RICHMOND Arizona Sen. John McCains grassroots campaign in Virginia announced Thursday the members of its new leadership team.

The co-chairs of McCains Virginia Leadership Team are Delegate Chris B. Saxman, R-Staunton, Sen. John Warner, R-Virginia, and former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore.

Saxman said many people have asked him why he chose to support McCain. The answer is simple, he said.

He inspires me to serve others, Saxman said.

John Sherman, the former CEO of investment-banking firm Scott & Stringfellow Inc., said he supports McCain because McCain has the right plan with which to fight terrorism, knows how to cut spending and knows how to compromise and work across party lines.

Over a year ago, I had the privilege to write a check to John McCain because I believe everything he represents, Sherman said.

Paul Galanti, a Vietnam veteran and former prisoner of war with McCain, said the way McCain dealt with the questions of Michigan voters was reminiscent of the way McCain dealt with offers to come home early when he was a POW — both were handled with courage and conviction.

What he brings to this table … is leadership with a capital L, Galanti said.

Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger said McCain should be the next president. In McCain, Eagleburger said he sees the necessary presidential qualities he finds lacking in the other candidates.

John McCain will not be afraid, as has been said here, to tell it as he sees it, Eagleburger said. And that’s not always nice.

Saxman addressed conservative criticism that McCains views prevent him from being considered a true conservative. Saxman said sometimes decisions have to be made that will not be favored by everyone to move legislation through the process. The presidency is not about being conservative but about being a leader for the United States, he said.

It’s about inspiring the next generation to step up to the plate and take positions in power and try to make this country better, Saxman said.