Meet Ambassador Alexandria


From now on, the proper designation will be Ambassador Alexandria. Not Mister Alexandria, or Fair City Alexandria. That’s Ambassador Alexandria, with all extended courtesies like diplomatic license plates and the opportunity for the City to park where it pleases (for one year), with no chance of getting a parking ticket.
And please, always curtsey.
Last week, the National Association of Realtors and the U.S. Conference of Mayors designated the City of Alexandria and five other cities as 2008 Ambassador Cities.

The association launched its Ambassador for Cities program in 2003. The program encourages cities and local Realtor associations to form partnerships to promote affordable housing and home ownership in their communities. The other cities chosen were Allentown, Pa., Asheville, N.C., Bowling Green, Ky., Irvine, Calif. and Richmond, Va.

As an “Ambassador City,” Alexandria will hold public events throughout 2008 highlighting the success of the partnership and to further discuss and encourage universal affordable housing. Through the program, local Realtor associations receive $5,000 to help promote their event or initiative. Since its inception, the program has honored 29 cities and awarded $145,000 in grants to support local affordable housing initiatives.

Alexandria was recognized for its promotion of home ownership, workforce housing and foreclosure prevention.
The Northern Virginia Association of Realtors partnered with the city to address affordable housing issues through outreach and education to low- to moderate-income residents who rent rather than own their homes. NVAR also partnered with the city to organize home buyer seminars for city employees and Alexandria City Public School teachers, as well as events to educate homeowners about avoiding foreclosure.

“Realtors build communities and are helping solve the nation’s affordability crisis through innovative and collaborative partnerships and programs,” said the NAR’s president, Dick Gaylord. “The Ambassador for Cities program helps us highlight these successful and effective partnerships between Realtors, mayors and their cities while calling attention to the need to create additional housing opportunities in the communities.”