At Passion Parties, leave the Tupperware at home


In the 1970s, women gathered for the Tupperware Party, on Avon lady visits or the Fuller Brush man. Fast forward 35 years, and several layers of privacy that seems to be the norm now, and enter the Passion Parties of 2008. With all kinds of fruity tasting gels and battery operated toys, the Passion Party offers women and couples a chance to explore sensuality and relationship enhancers in a fun atmosphere.

Its not raunchy at all, said Brandy Scroggins, an Alexandria resident that is an independent consultant for Passion Parties. Scroggins started her business in January so she could still be a stay-at-home mom and pay for a baby sitter once in a while. Ive already hit my first goal so we could hire a babysitter so we could go out, she said. From the smile on her face and her open discussion of her products, which include UniSEX Enhancement gel or the Gi Gi toy for men, shes already experienced the freedom from social mores that surround sex discussions. Scroggins is surprised how comfortable she is exploring such a topic with others. I didnt think I would but I am, she said. There are two catalogs, that go from PG rated to R.

A typical party starts off slow, with Scroggins introducing things like the sensuous bath salts and the White Peony Bath Sponge, building up to the heavy hitting items like the Pharaohs Secret it requires batteries, has several appendages and probably doesnt need a description. The parties are fun and feature games with prizes. This makes it a much more comfortable environment, Scroggins said. The Pharaohs Secret is one of the fun things that are part of the grand finale, where there is lots of laughter and yelling. Thats usually the big shebang at the end, the women wait for that, she added.

Annalisa Katzaman hosted a co-ed party with her fianc and had a good time. Their busy schedules didnt have much room for parties, but once the games started that sealed the deal. They plan on having a combination bachelor-bachelorette party before their wedding in September. The games were priceless, you definitely learn a lot about your friends with the games that were played, she said.

Everyone seemed to be comfortable discussing intimacy in that atmosphere, Scroggins said. There were no issues at the party, everyone was comfortable to talk about anything. Especially when playing the games, you have to feel really comfortable with the subject, Katzaman added.

The company originated in Las Vegas in 1994 with a corporate mission to give women their own business where they can share products that will enhance a womans relationship and share a philosophy of women helping women, their company literature states. Patricia Davis is the president, and she feels that this opportunity for women to own a business is empowering. She describes their wares as romance enhancement, products. One of the goals is to make relationships red-hot, Davis said, via email.

Its not that people have forgotten relationship skills though. With the daily grind of the 9-5 job, traffic, kids and stress it can be difficult for women to feel in the mood, she said.

The parties are perfect to set the mood for bachelorette parties too, said Scroggins. The hostess gets credit if the party goers buy things for the bride to be, and they pave the way for a good party for the rest of the evening that could involve some of the products. Scroggins attended a bridal show at George Mason University recently where she marketed the bachelorette option, and got several hundred leads from it.