Crime & Courts


Attempted armed robbery  
Around 5 pm on April 17, on the 3700 block of Commonwealth Avenue, two male City residents walking in the alley were accosted by a lone assailant who threatened them and demanded their wallets. The victims took out their cell phones and threatened to call the police, and the suspect fled. The man is described as a black male, 16-18 years old, 6 feet tall, 160-165 lbs, wearing tan shorts and a white tee-shirt. There were no injuries.  

Disorderly conduct 
On May 18 at 1:34 am, on the 3800 block of Mount Vernon Avenue,. fights broke out between some of the 500 patrons inside the establishment. This caused the police at the scene to work collaboratively with the owner to stop the music and send the patrons home. Some disorderly behavior continued outside, but there were no arrests or injuries. The crowd dispersed in approximately 45 minutes.