June 5 – July 7 – BODY PIECING, a solo artist show at The Art League Gallery


Body Piecing, Deborah Addison Coburns series of dynamic abstracted figurative paintings and collages will be featured at The Art League Gallery, June 5 July 7. I began deconstructing my figure drawings and then reassembling them to create abstracted works.  The ability to create new shapes, forms, and a new structure was exciting.  This series began while Coburn was studying  at the Corcoran School of Art. Attracted to the linear quality, spontaneity, and the organic forms, Coburn began to create large-scale paintings based on her collaged drawings.  It is easy to see the influence of Pablo Picasso during his Cubist period and Willem de Kooning in Coburns works.  Some of her pieces have obvious gender references depending on the original drawing and how its reintroduced in the new piece.  Color is an important element in her works, often referring back to the figure. It is my hope that viewers absorb the energy and action that I put into these works.  Working large allows Coburn the freedom to be expressive while creating her paintings.  I want viewers to feel the energy and excitement more than anything else I want them to feel what I feel when Im working.  The show runs from June 5-July 7 at the Art League Gallery, 105 N. Union Street in Old Town.