LANE workers to be recognized for safety record at Dulles Airport


Workers for LANE Construction Corporation at Washington Dulles International Airport were recognized Tuesday for working more than 1.2 million hours without a lost time accident, a feat that began on Sept. 20, 2006.

“Safety is paramount on every LANE project,” said Bob Alger, president of the LANE Construction Corporation, who spoke at a special safety luncheon this afternoon for the workers. “To work in every season without a serious injury at a fully-operational international airport is a testament to LANE’s safety program and highly-trained workforce–congratulations on a job well done.”

The company is involved with several major projects at Dulles Airport, including the construction of a new fourth runway and an automated people mover system called AeroTrain.

The company’s workers were recognized at the safety luncheon for their safety record of 1,202,144 (and counting) hours without a lost time accident.  Dulles workers who worked a minimum of 400 hours between Sept. 20, 2006, and March 31, 2008, will be eligible to win a Ford XLT pick-up truck.

“1.2 million worker hours without a lost time accident is a LANE record,” added Stuart N. Lott, director of corporate safety for LANE. “This is an amazing accomplishment by a very dedicated group of men and
women–a new pick-up truck for one of the workers is the very least we can do to recognize this milestone.”

Worker hours without a lost time accident records are kept by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and LANE.  “The safety of our employees is a prime consideration of LANE.  No management decision will be made, or action taken, without consideration of safety first,” added Lott.

The company, founded in 1890, is one of the top five transportation contractors in the nation, specializing in highway, bridge, airport, railroad, mass transit and design-build services.

The company performs some 75 percent of critical work items which include earthwork, excavation, concrete and asphalt paving, site development, pre-cast concrete beams, foundations and structures.  Currently performing work in at least a dozen states on the East Coast, LANE is projected to exceed $1 billion in total revenue in 2008.

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