No frills eatery deviates from the beaten path


Dining on King Street is deviating from the beaten path with the recent arrival of  Zorkafors SandVeg, a semi-fast food establishment that features hot dogs, Falafel, pitas and French Fries.

The no-frills restaurant has an short menu, an assortment of toppings, and places to sit without table cloths or a waiter to tip.

So far, in the one month theyve been open, theyve already got a following as well. We come here all the time, said Suzanne Lamoureux, who works at nearby Potomac Management Resources. Her favorite is the beef with no bread, which she mixes into a salad from the fixins bar. Its very fresh, delicious and something you dont have in Old Town, she said.

The menu is rather unique as well, with combos that include a sandwich, drink and fries, range from $5.49 for the hot dog combo, to $8.59 for the Chicken SandVeg, which is served on a pita. They also have a Beef SandVeg, Hot Dog SandVeg, Falafel SandVeg and Veggie SandVeg. Extras include hummus, baby ghanoush, feta cheese, beef, chicken or hot dog bits ($.50), fries cooked in peanut oil ($2.09) and sodas, coffee, juice or milk.

Thats it, and the interior has less frills then the menu. There are four round-top tables in the center of the room, and a bar lining the wall with another 10 bar stools around it. Near the counter is the fixins bar, and the walls are painted a soft yellow.

Its different, said Jamie Panzarella, looking at the menu in the window. The vegetarian grabbed our attention, she said, and returned an hour later to sit down to a meal.

Zorkafors location in the 700 block of King Street is in a location that used to be a Mexican restaurant. It is the first of what they hope will be a chain, and another opens on Mt. Vernon Avenue in Del Ray before the end of the year. They are planning three more in the Washington area.

Speedy service is the key to their success, said manager Connie Lindsay. We can get you out of here in less than 10 minutes where you can sit down and actually enjoy your lunch, Lindsay said. She worked at Cosis across the street and Red Lobster on Van Dorn before coming to Zorkafors.

So far, their business has grown by 12 percent each week since opening, she said.