Nora Partlow, Del Ray pioneer


I recently read an article from the Thursday, May 22-28 issue of your publication titled “In Del Ray, it’s Women who power the Avenue.”

Having lived  in Del Ray for 15 years, I have watched the transformation of the Avenue from a place with a sprinkling of very few stores to a thriving little business area where I can walk to get all of my consumer and a large majority of my social needs met. I know all of the women in your article to some degree, but was mystified as to how you could research and write an article about women “pioneers” on the Avenue and not mention Nora Partlow, owner of St. Elmo’s coffee pub.
St. Elmo’s is the undisputed community center on the Avenue, and Nora’s personality and hard work have made it so. I remember the day St. Elmo’s opened its doors, and few of the stores you mentioned were in existence at that time. Nora Partlow and Scott Mitchell forged the way for the Avenue we have now, and that makes her the original pioneer.

Sherrie Good
Del Ray