Q & A: John Gobin


On Sunday, nine-year-old Raven Des Jardins of Alexandria interviewed John Gobin, one of the world’s top polo players. Gobin plays on Team USA Polo, which played in the Land Rover Americas Polo Cup on Saturday at Morven Park versus Italy.
What does it feel like to be on a polo horse going after the ball?
Its very windy and fast. The faster you go the smaller the ball looks and it is harder to hit.
How is a Polo horse different from a regular riding horse?
They are usually smaller, they are sometimes even called ponies because of their size even though they are actually horses.
How long have you been riding?
25 years.
What is the favorite horse you have ridden?
Why is she so special?
She was very fast and had a very quiet attitude.
Do you think Lola, the horse you rode in the America’s Cup performed well?
Yes, she made it easier for me to score.
What is a polo match?
A polo match is where people riding on horses in two different teams chase after a ball and hit it with a long type of mallet, the goal is to get the ball into the goalpost, the team that has the most goals at the end wins.
What was the match on Saturday about?
It was about raising money for the Journey for the Cure Foundation, a not for profit public charity foundation which raises money for the Leukemia Society of America [of which the DC chapter is based in Alexandria]. It was about seeing which team would win, and altogether about having fun and a good sport.
What did you like about his horse?
She was a chestnut with a white stripe down her muzzle and one white sock that I could see which are a few of my favorite markings on a horse.  She was also super fast and was awarded second best horse on the playing field.